Road trip

Left Tuesday 24th for Williams Lake, several things to do around town then up to Lorelee's to stay the night. Left for points south early Tuesday, hit heavy snow just south of 100 Mile House, didn't stick to the road but sides of the road sure got white in a hurry, then when I ran out of snow hit heavy rain all the rest of the way. Met up with Kristie for coffee at Timmies (she won a free cuppa and gave me the roll up the rim empty) to get a freebie on the way home. Day 2 at Whidbey Islands spin in now officially over, Judith Mackenzie was the speaker (on color) then how to blend colors for Sunday. For the first time ever I didn't take even one pix. Bad me. Also didn't buy any wool, none or even any yarn.

Rhododendrons in bloom, daffs, tulips and prolly more that I didn't get close enuff to. And of course green grass.

Will be heading north tomorrow with a stop in Belly-ham to pick up books from Carol T, then a few groceries from Freddies. Hopefully the border line won't be to bad.


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