All weather alerts, warnings etc. have for now been lifted, bout time. Seems as tho the last half of December and first 8 days of January there has been snow fall warnings, freezing rain, more snow warnings. So happy to see the end of them.

Dave started plowing my driveway yesterday, he is expecting a big load of hay to come some time this weekend and its almost impossible for a big rig to make the turn from the road to his hayshed, its pretty nearly a straight shot via my drive. But since he wants to use it, it has to be plowed.

Knitting is in the slow lane just now, finished the Opal 6 socks for Nolund and am slowly working on the Monstersocks for Isabel, arthritis doesn't hurt so much if I don't push my self. The larger needles and heavier yarn sure goes fast and doesn't seem to aggravate hand so much. I do stretching exercises at least 4 times a day hoping that it will eventually help.

For the first time in many, many years I am going to make sloppy joes, have a newly opened bottle of chili sauce, that and some mustard and seasoning should do the trick. I think while growing up it was a weekly staple for family suppers, never liked them as a kid but now that I can control what kind of beef is used (extra lean grass fed) I think they will be much better.


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