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Sent the red gloves to MG to arrive hopefully in time for her to bring with to WA for her holiday trip. a pix was promised and ta da here it is. I am so happy that they fit and she likes them, always kind of a crap shoot when making stuff for people I don't know in far away places.

Only one other project on needles as of Jan 1, socks for Isabel on Vanc. Island, she wanted brown for the main colour and then whatever I wanted for everything else, fraternal Monstersocks. Quite like whats done so far, with World Junior hockey on later today and football all weekend should (hand permitting) get well along with first sock and maybe even the start of second. Not a very good pix but most of the colours show up a bit washed out. Hoping Isabel likes whats done so far.

A Special Weather Statement in Effect for the next several days, not snow flurries but periods of snow, heavy at times, with temps down near 0°F means what ever comes will be light and fluffy (or so I hope). No plans to go anywhere until next Wednesday and then just to downtown Tatla Lake for knitting bee. All will of course depend on how much snow falls and the conditions of my driveway. I am overly cautious about driving on bad roads, its about 20 miles to Tatla and over some twisty roads, so would rather stay home than take unnecessary chances on roads. Highways does plow pretty quick because school bus runs to Tatla, they usually do the main hiway #20 first then the school bus routes. Driveways are pretty much last (of course).

New Years Eve was more life in the slow lane, think I was in bed just after 10 pm, never heard any traffic on the road coming home from the big party in Tatla, usually at least one vehicle sorta drives for awhile in the ditch, and probably shouldn't be driving. But haven't heard about anything serious.


  1. Every time I see your work I promise myself I will try to knit a pair but I never have the courage. I'm afraid I won't be able to get them over my heel. I knit socks using 5 DPN, size 1, casting on 64 stitches. What changes do you recommend?

  2. I knit fairly tight so use 72 stitches on 1.5 mm needles. Start out just making socks out of self patterning yarn until you get size figured out.

  3. It's always a relief when you see that something you knit actually fits the recipient. We have a winter storm warning for here, but it probably won't amount to much. In this part of the world a forecast that calls for more than two snowflakes qualifies as a "storm." :-)


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