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Last winter traded a friend socks for her 2 kidlets for home canned stewed tomatoes, will never buy canned tomatoes in a can again. Liz's are so much better I've even been known to eat a spoonful right out of the jar before adding rest to soups or chili. So this year have started on more Nolund 10 I think is getting a pair of Opal 6 in faded denim blue color and Miss Maela will no doubt get something in pinks or purples.

Then made a smooth trade with gal living south of me she will stop on her way to the dump and gather up anything I have to go in trade for baby socks for new grand daughter. Slick. Variegated pink pair for the next time she stops.

Dave plowed my driveway so a big truck with round bales could come down, truck can't make the turn into his place so would have to try and find someplace to turn around almost impossible this time of year. Didn't have much notice truck was coming until I heard Jake brakes while coming down the drive, quick grabbed a camera and got pix thru wool room window, wouldn't have had time to get out to porch for unobstructed shot, truck would have been into the trees before that could have happened.

Experiment of trying to slow down with knitting on tiny sock needles didn't make any difference in arthritis in left hand, in fact it might have gotten even more painful while I wasn't using it so much, so back to socks on 2.5 mm needles, Isabel I will be getting back to yours. Have packages to go down to PO today fingerless gloves and socks going to NY, 2 to Vancouver Island and KY. Seems like weather went every way but good since I've had them done, first snow (lots) and as soon as I got my driveway plowed had a batch of freezing rain followed shortly thereafter by the arctic bomb (-34°C) won't try and start my car at those temps, then another 20 inches of snow, so now today rip sh** or bust am headed down to PO to get them on their way.


  1. Tom is impressed by the size and number of bales on the truck, wants to know if that's a double row. A lot of truck to go down your driveway.
    We're back to fairly warm weather here- lows 40s, high 50s- and some plants are beginning to bud out. Please don't send another Arctic blast down to us.
    Adorable baby socks.

  2. Enjoy reading your blog-glad we have a community of knitters on the Internet. There are so many like-minded people in the knitting community-blogging, podcasts & Ravelry. It is nice to "meet" other knitters who have the obsession of hand knitting as I do. It is also very interesting reading about different parts of the world people live in and their lives. Take care and stay warm.


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