Snowfall warning still in effect, while I haven't got near as much as some parts of the province, trust me its enuff. Early yesterday snow just starting and 11 am today after it snowed (fine and dry) all night. Temp steady yesterday at -16°C, has warmed up a bit now to -13°C (8°F). Don't want to go out to measure.

Day 1 and day 2.

Much smarter to stay indoors with my knitting and a batch of homemade chicken w/ rice soup.

Spent a good part of the morning on the phone with TD bank Visa fraud line, several charges that weren't mine, means now I have to get a new Visa card, at least 10 days before it arrives, meanwhile will have to call and explains why card was refused at several places. PITA. One I think was Jimmy Beans for latest batch of Koigu.

Two Junior hockey games on today first will be for the bronze medal then at 5 will be Canada vs Russia for the gold medal, early supper of the chicken w/ rice soup so I won't have to miss any of the 2nd game.


  1. Can't imagine living where it's so cold. Left Texas because it was too hot. Pacific Northwest just about right for me.

    Have started my Monster socks. Have heard so much good about Kroy sock yarn. I'd never bought any because I cannot get a sock for my size 13 foot out of one skein. Buying 3 skeins makes the price comparable to other sock yarns I use and like so why bother. I'm also not impressed with the colors in Kroy. That said I still wanted to try Kroy just to form my own opinion. I bought 2 skeins & am using yarn from my stash to come up with monster socks. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

  2. BRRR--we're getting the cold air here in Virginia,Nancy


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