Came down my driveway Friday just after 3:30 pm, stopped and picked up unloader Dorian on the way by, he unloaded car in about 10 minutes, would have taken me 2 days at least. $20 and he was happy and so was I. Had stopped in Spences Bridge to get tomatoes but my usual place was u-pick and most were quite a way at the back so carried on to Hilltop Gardens and got 45 lbs there, 20 lbs went to Len & Denise and I brought 25 lbs home for me. Cost a bit more but worth it not to have to climb around field to pick.

Koigu I ordered from Toronto arrived while I was gone, lots of reds for upcoming gloves (mostly reds for Marion) and some blues & purples. With what I had on hand should be set now for the winter glove knitting.

Home now until time to leave for Desert Mesa, will be the last hurrah for this season, then time to hunker down for winter. Will get new snow tires in Williams Lake on the way home, last Nokian winter tires, got 5 winters driving on them. Have $$ in budget for the tires altho may be surprised in how much the prices have gone up. But absolutely needed for driving in here from now until mid April.


  1. Love your Koigu colours, it is sure nice to knit with.


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