To much on my plate

Have 4 pair of socks on the go just now.

Gray BFL-Silk mix handspun

KAL on Addicted to Socks (am I ever). The yarn I choose isn't as stripey as I had hoped for but should do OK.

Another KAL this time on Ravelry's Sock Knitters, Monstersocks right up my alley.

And the black socks with all the reds and oranges.

I had made my last DR appointment (prescription refills) for last Friday especially so I could get to Farmers Market, bought 20 lbs tomatoes and sweet corn, have had tomatoes with every meal since I got home. Don't think I'll ever get tired of them.

11° C or 51°F and its raining, nothing spectacular but its wet and can almost see things getting green again. Got to see the leftovers from the fire that had closed Highway 20 earlier in August fire came right up to edge of the road, must have been impressive to see when it was really going.

9pm and still raining, temp is at +8°C (46°F) and supposed to go down in to upper 30's F overnight, I'll bet that there will be new snow on surrounding mountains by morning.


  1. Hi Lynne -- I've followed your blog for some time now....I think I initially found you via Maggie's Farm or Chicken Stitches. I so enjoy your posts -- especially hearing about where you live in Canada! I knit and crochet....mostly crochet, but I admit I am becoming more and more inspired by your amazing socks! Maybe will try one of these days! I'm in New York -- had a tiny taste of autumn today, welcomed after a few days of brutal humidity. Hope all is well. --Leslie Elaine


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