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Finished the pair of socks for the KAL with the Addicted to Socks group. Regia Canadian color, vintage yarn from the stash. Back now to another KAL pair this time my favorite Monstersocks, have first sock done and 2nd is now down almost to the heel, hopefully with all the football games on this weekend should finish or come close.

Can West propane truck just in to fill my tank for upcoming winter. Hadn't had tank filled since last January, prudent use of propane furnace, ofter find it easier to just wear woolies. This stuff is almost liquid gold, nearly $1000 to fill tank, and here I thought I wouldn't have any big bills this month. I always pay the driver so won't have to worry about the bill coming in early October.


  1. Ouch! Heat is a necessity, but paying that much at one time must hurt.


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