Still summer

High today is predicted to be 27°C (81°F), mornings now are below freezing most every day, perfect weather for getting under big down comforter at night. Trees are changing color fast, I was going to go out on front porch and get a pix of trees in what we always called the spruce swamp, but prolly 1000 flies in between screen and big door made me decide to wait until they all go back where they came from. Am vacuuming up several hundred at a time from window in mud room, never have found how they get in. Wind is picking up and leaving are even starting too fall.

Washed all my woolies this morning in Eucalan, 24 pair of my socks and the drying rack full of goodies, gloves and socks for other peoples.The bobbins of the Crown Mtn Farms super wash merino, had 8 oz to start with. Now spinning plain white sw to ply with CMF's once its done.


  1. What a bright and colorful sight! Do you use any particular pattern for the gloves you knit?

  2. I'm impressed with your recent productivity. Football season is serving you well! I don't envy you your fly problem; I've never tried vacuuming the suckers. That's an idea to tuck away for future use.


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