Have had to add comment moderation to my blog, 6+ spam messages a day, unfortunate that the spammers are still out there.

Should finish the second stripey sock sometime tomorrow for the Addicted to Socks KAL. Then the second Monstersock for the Sock Knitters on Ravelry KAL. Then if I can still spell my name will do the second handspun gray sock.

Ordered mostly solid colors of Koigu from 2 different places, one in Nevada and the other in Toronto, both had colors I wanted out of stock. Will check back in a month or so to the Toronto store to see if new stock has come in. Several different shades of reds, blues and a couple of greens. Once socks are finished will go back to making more gloves.

Had a mouse caught by one foot in a trap last night, put on gloves and dropped it out on the back porch, would have opened trap but it was biting on my glove, old gloves and I thought it might get thru to a finger so dropped it. Everything gone this morning, hoping something came along to eat it.


  1. I HATE mice! Have traps in my garage - so far no takers.
    Love your socks tho.


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