Back in BC

Arrived Gail's just after 4 on Monday. Major stop at Costco and then a smaller one at Freddie's in Bellingham. No line up at the border and that was good, quite often at that time of day can be 60 minute wait, a breeze on Monday.

OFFF as usual was one of the hi-lites of my travels this year. BJ and Jim from Prince George, BC saw me at breakfast in the motel and she said you're the Socklady, then came and visited with Gail & I, what a delightful couple, both G and I agree it was a special morning, then we met up with them again at OFFF and again on Sunday. Also got to meet Pam Salisbury from NwRSA at breakfast, she knew me but I don't recall ever meeting her before. Terry Morris 'the Sailing Knitter' came by the spinning circle and introduced herself on Saturday another super nice person. Friend Dorothy also came by for a long afternoon visit.

Have pix but camera is in the car, will add when I get home. Planning on leaving here Thursday morn, into Wms. Lake, and hopefully will head west into the high country Friday.

Didn't buy much at OFFF, 16 oz roving in a wool silk blend in darker colors than what I usually look at. Spun white sw Merino that I had brought from home, very nearly filled the bobbin. Lots of questions about our wheels, both G and I have the walnut LE Louet S 90's.

Gail did all the toting, loading, unloading etc. and then managed to get the big Costco and Freddie's orders in the car. I wouldn't be able to go without her. Big Thank You.

Gail in white and Doris making a face cause I was taking her pix.
Guy weaving on small portable loom.
Part of the spinning competition, one person treadling the other drafting.


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