My first handspun socks in a really long time. The light gray is a BFL-Silk mix and the next skein is slightly darker in color, guess whoever has them on their feet will never notice, but I do and can't do anything about it. Will be starting on the heel later today, looking forward to using more of my handspun in the future. Produce it way faster than I can knit with it.

Very dark clouds over the valley just now, prediction is for thunderman and lightfoot to visit then hopefully rain, so very glad to see that now, just hope we get enuff to make a difference. 19°C (67°F) is perfect temp for me, glad to see the end of the extreme heat earlier this month.

Still spinning the super wash from Crown Mtn Farms, from the looks of whats left and how full bobbin is getting am thinking it won't all fit, have several empty bobbins waiting.

Not much else new and exciting in my wild mountain valley, a peaceful easy feeling every time I look out the windows.


  1. Lovely colors. For me, these represent the best of homespun.
    Our rain will arrive on Friday- high time, too.

  2. Oh, Iove these natural colors. So perfect for Fair Isle. I've been studying your socks. Do you usually knit on two 16 inch circs? 2 or 2.5 mm.?
    Janice McCombs

    1. Usually use 2 16 inch circ's but for these didn't have the #4's needed so DP's. For socks out of commercial yarn I use 2.5 mm.

  3. Stunning, beautiful colours. Can't wait to see more of your homespun.


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