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Just finished Monstersock # 1 of latest pair, not at all sure I like the finished sock so will change a bit on #2 and it will definitely be fraternal since I used up several of the leftover bits on #1. Only good thing is getting rid of a bunch of odds instead of giving them away. Sock on left is inside out to show how I try and finish the ends, first I strand each color in and out about 12-14 sts, then snug them up and using an old Revlon cuticle remover shag the ends (separating each ply and making it as jagged as I can) then relaxing until each end disappears into the sock. With this many ends it is inevitable the one or more will show up on right side but try my best to keep them where they belong. One sock is washed most ends sort of felt to inside (hopefully).

Sitting in wool room spinning yesterday saw a flash of yellow out of corner of my eye, so grabbed my camera and got to window as quick as I could, bird wouldn't hold still for a really good pix , the one I got was the best I could do in the maybe 10 seconds it was in sight. Western Tanager. Click on pix to enlarge.

Another blast of hot air on the way into the interior of BC, not at all to my liking, anything above 26-26 C I find a bit of a chore to get thru, and with temps predicted to be in 30+ C range will be thinking about sitting in the river again. Quick cool down and am almost dry by the time I get back to the house. Have all Capri & shorter pants clean and ready to go.


  1. The insides of your sox are as pretty as the outsides, and that is no mean feet! (Sorry) great tip about separating the plies, it is annoying when ends pop out . Thanks!

  2. Love those socks Or should I say that sock. I had to look really hard to find the ends. Have a great day and week.

  3. The most beautiful bird! And we don't get them here in Kansas. Thanks for sharing the picture!
    Martha from Kansas


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