Have had to slow down on my spinning for the TourdeFleece, surgically repaired knees were screaming at me (especially at night), so now only spin for maybe an hour in the morning , maybe another hour or so later in the day. Knees seem OK with that, so far. So instead of spinning have been working on Monstersocks, 2 soft bags on the floor one with odd variegated yarn balls and the other with odd solid colored yarn balls, reach in the solid bag without looking and pick one out, knit 5-7 rows and add it to a 3rd bag, then do the same for the variegated. So far for the most part colors are OK just a couple I wouldn't ordinarily let next to each other but the name of the game is Monstersocks. First sock is done and second within maybe 20 rows of the toe, should have pix for next blog report.

Finally have seen a black bear, twice now in last week, kind of hard to tell if its the same black, buggers don't hold still enuff even for a pix. This mornings view was on the upper part of my driveway, on the way to the dump about 6:45 and it ran across in front of the car.

Went to town on Friday 18th, waited until the weather cooled a bit, hit farmers market in town and got Kale and some real tomatoes, then many other errands got groceries and left town just after 2 pm. Salads every supper since I got home, tonight's will have leftover rotisserie chicken in with organic salad greens, cucumber, tomatoes, and cilantro. And weather is cool enuff for leftover bones & chicken into soup pot.

3 bucks in the yard just after 8 am, couldn't get a pix of the 3 tog, 2 is best I could do.


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