Start of the Tour de Fleece

Moved my spinning wheel from the wool room into living room so I can monitor TV for T d F and the 2 World Cup games on later today. And changed my mind on what I will be spinning, decided to finish the turquoise roving, have one bobbin full and maybe 1/4 on the second, then if my mind doesn't wander will do the second bobbin in the Sand colorway. Pix of moved chair & wheel and the second braid of the sand roving.

Temp in low 40's F this morning, haven't had any frost so far in July but did have 9 days in June with frost, sky is all socked in this morning making it feel even colder. Rain is in the forecast.

Will go back to knitting on my socks once the WC gets underway at 9 am, will spin until time for Argentine - Belgium, getting in nearly 2 hours at the wheel.

And must add two new followers in last couple of days. Welcome.


  1. What a gorgeous spinning wheel. I also like the little sock and small basket on your wheel. Course the fiber you have selected to spin isn't too bad either. Need to get my boring white merino out plus get my wheel ready. Nothing will be happening today with my verrrry active 5 year old grandson. Will spend more time playing wii U rather than creating yarn. Happy spinning.


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