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World Cup Soccer equals lots of knitting time. Have finished the the last of the Koigu gloves (for now anyway), the Orangerino socks and have ribbing done on second blue Monstersock. Once its done will look over the stash and see what reaches out and grabs me.

The small bit in front of the O socks is all I had left after finishing, cutting it close. The light colored bit on the Monstersocks is where the afterthought heel will go. The gloves are more Koigu leftovers.

Have had enuff rain over the last week or so that everything is growing like crazy, just hope it keeps raining, cuts down the fire hazard quite a bit. Having yard cut greatly reduces the mozzies as well, might be able to get to the river fishing (legal July 1st), looking forward to Rainbow trout for supper.

A new follower this morning, welcome.


  1. Thanks Lynne! Your socks and gloves are beautiful. Love all the bright colours! Chris

  2. Love those gloves you make Lynne, they are incredible!

  3. Love these, so,gorgeous. Can I ask Lynne what do,you do with all the ends on your monster socks?


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