Koigu Gloves & Yard Work

Finished another pair of Koigu gloves, (my favorites so far) going to LK in Seattle. Already am thinking of another pair and with soccer game starting in about 40 minutes should get pretty well along on the start.

Anna B in with her grand dads riding lawn mower, she cut my whole yard full of weeds I call grass, as fire season fast approaches am glad to have stuff cut. Not only for fire season but it helps with mozzie control as well. For the money I gave her she will come back again.

Frost 5 mornings in June so far, predictions are for another couple of cold nights before cold snap departs. But forecast also shows rain for next 3 days, so grass will start growing again real quick.


  1. Very fun gloves! Great color combo

  2. Love the almost neon effect of the blue.


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