Headed home

Back in BC, crossed the border yesterday, with only 5 cars in the line ahead of me, piece of cake. Declared everything I bought, (well within my duty free limit), new camera (Canon G16), and another pair of Alegria shoes, plus misc small stuff, no problems at all. Left Ellensburg just before 9 am and was at Northgate to meet Linda early, so had time to find a haircut (much needed).

Headed north this morning, Williams Lake in about 6-7 hours, then thinking I will head for home tomorrow. Understand that there has been lots of rain while I have been gone so my yard will have grass knee high, must get something to keep it under control, riding lawnmower would be best. The BCS brush cutter I bought in 97 turned out to be a POS, prolly in the time I've owned it have had it usable for maybe 50 hours total.

Spent Sunday at Yarn Folk in Eburg and the knitting group that meets there on Sunday, most enjoyable day. Bought one skein of a variegated reds for maybe more gloves, unable to find Koigu anywhere so if I want more will have to order it online. But think with what I still have left will be OK for awhile. Did get to work quite a bit on my orange socks, and have the green-y gloves to the point of being ready to start the little finger, second glove colors are in a bit different places than the first.


  1. Missed you at conference but it sounds like you had a great trip!

  2. I love the way the yarn behaves differently from the palm on the fingers. Of course it would but I'm certainly going to try it next time I make gloves

  3. There's plenty of Koigu at Three Bags Full in Vancouver! I'm guessing you didn't make it into the big city on your travels though. Sounds like a lovely round trip anyway. Safe home!


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