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Two sets of nesting geese decided this morning to see which pair could make the most noise, small island in the river is nesting site of the two pair and they don’t much like each other. So just after first light 5 am they decided to duke it out. Lots of fly byes and even more noise. So up way to early at -3°, and looked at several new sites on puter, found a sweater I liked well enuff to buy the pattern, called Layter and again with all my greens, blues and purples would be one I would wear a lot. Now to get all the sock orders finished and the dolls knit and maybe just maybe I can finally get to a sweater for me.

The finished Koigu gloves, used a new skein of bright red for the main color then lots of odds & sods from never ending bag of leftover bits. Am sure I will have enuff to do several more pair, before having to get into new skeins from my stash. Now back to socks, have two pair underway and want to have them finished so I can start on the Susan B Anderson dolls.

Quite a nice shout out from Jean Miles on her blog, in Edinburgh about my gloves.


  1. It was nice to see two of my favorite bloggers giving each other shoutouts. What size needle do you use for your gloves?

    1. 2.25 mm for ladies sizes and go up to 2.5mm for large mans hand.

  2. What fun gloves! Sure to brighten a dreary winter day

  3. Wow, those gloves are wonderful. It surely takes a person of great patience to knit gloves. I've been admiring your socks for a long time trying to get up the courage to try knitting a pair of Monstersocks. Your work is amazing.

  4. I've been knitting on gloves too but mine aren't nearly as glorious as yours, Lynne! In my case it's the only way I can have gloves that fit my dinkly little pinkies.


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