No Heat

For probably the first time since last September I didn't have to turn on heat this morning, mid 50's F when I got up and sun shining in all the windows did nicely to keep house & wool room comfortable. The leaves have popped in the last several days, even can see dandelions everywhere. But experience reminds me that it ain't gonna last, as soon as Saskatoon blossoms appear we usually get a killing frost.

Went out to Knitting Bee yesterday so I could get gas, while there worked on Koigu baby Monstersocks, Koigu IMHO is not the strongest for adult socks, they tend to wear thru pretty quick (ask how I know this). But for babies socks, slippers, even hats, gloves and especially shawls it can't be beat. Lord knows I have enuff bits on hand to make several more pair of the wee socks.

Am back spinning nearly every morning, try and get in a least 30 minutes after coffee first thing and then maybe more as day progresses. Current mix is from Smith & Ewe in Kamloops, and is a Merino-Nylon blend 80-20. Had hoped that this color would do for one of the upcoming dolls faces, after seeing yarn think a small amount in a tea bath might give me more of the color I want. Imagine that less than an ounce is all I will be needing so if it doesn't work will have loads left to use for socks and such.

In between major projects have been making baby socks, thinking these are 8-12 month size.

Added 8 pm, found my camera, in the bottom of library book bag, anybody's guess why I put it there. But so relieved to have it back. Older camera I resurrected wouldn't keep a charge, so only 5-6 pix and had to recharge. As soon as I can will buy new battery and keep it as a spare.


  1. Oh, that pink blend you're spinning is so lovely

  2. Oh how I wish I were a spinner. I recently tried a child's sock & found it much more tedious to work on than an adult sock. Bless you and your talent.

    1. Thanks, seems easy for me to knit small stuff, leftover from days of making Barbie doll stuff.

  3. The baby socks are toooooo cute! Love 'em! They make me smile. You sure do have nimble fingers :O)


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