Lunch in Williams Lake on Monday with K & L, stayed overnight with Titfords then south on Tuesday had lunch with Kristie in Chilliwack, then on to Gail's for Tuesday night. Back on the road on Wednesday to meet Linda K in Seattle. Now in Portland, OR will visit with friends in the morning, just a quick visit since Ron is so very sick, back on the road Thursday heading for Spokane in a round about way.

Had a good visit with Kristie at Timmies, lady passing by saw all our knitting and stood and talked for 30 minutes or so, we got her to take pix of us, my camera is in the car will get it in tomorrow and add pix to this email then. Will email a copy of pix to Jean in Edinburgh, she knows both of us in a round about way.

Had supper tonight at Olive Garden soup & salad, was all I wanted. Have yogurt in fridge for breakfast. Wish I had thought to bring in a couple of bottles of water from the car.


  1. It was so nice meeting you, Lynne! Two hours of visiting just flew by! We'll have to meet up again next time you are in the area. Safe travels...

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Spent all morning ( and quite a lot of this afternoon ) reading your whole blog from the start ! Followed the link from Jean Miles blog and got hooked. Partly because, despite being in the UK I've been to the west coast of Canada a couple of times - have been as near to you as Hope - and on the mainland across the mountains from you in the wilderness! So I know something of where you are, albeit in summer! I'm fascinated by a way of life which is both very different to mine and remarkably similar. Having sworn after my first pair of socks in 2009 that life was too short for knitting socks and that I would never knit them again I got bitten by the bug last year and made more than 20 pairs! The fascination has not yet worn off - but mine are nothing compared to the intricacies of yours - I'm so impressed! I love hearing about the animals you see, and am so jealous of your siting of a lynx - something I would love to see.
    So - thank you for a really interesting morning. Today is the first day of my 'retirement' from work and I can't think of a better way of spending it than reading about life in the canadian 'wilds'.

    Lynne ( Fairisler on ravelry )


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