I'm back

May 3, 2014 in Williams Lake the morning of the spinning day, was about ready to dive back under covers and call it quits when I looked out the window at this. Amazingly there were very few no shows at the spinning day considering the crappy weather. Was as usual a really good time, good friends, a wonderful lunch and vendors, what could anyone possibly want more at a day like this.

I did cave tho and bought 300 grams of Sweet Violet merino-nylon roving, walked by it for most of the day and then just couldn't resist. Will be perfect to go with the other blues, greens and purples I am eyeing for a replacement or instead of Feb Ladies sweater, someday folks, someday.

By the time the spin do was over the snow had melted off the parking lot and roads. Went back up to Deni's to knit on current Koigu gloves. Deni & her sister Wendy unable to go to the spin day because of a memorial tea for an uncle in Clinton.

Sunday 8am found me in SaveOn for groceries, didn't buy very much, mostly produce and fruit as is the norm for me. After getting groceries on board headed over to Staples to get doll pattern printed, (my printer is not wanting to talk to my computer). 19 pages cost me more than I had paid for the pattern, almost $15. But now have a copy for traveling and making notes on.

Left town 11:30 and home 3 hours later, lots of deer on and close to the road, counted 16 just on and around the Bailiff bypass. Unloaded perishables got everything put away then had a quick crash (nap) for nearly an hour. Large salad for supper, followed by an orange, perfect supper IMO. This morning brought in a couple more bags of stuff, Kleenex, crackers and such plus my basket with camera in.


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