Cattle season

Just had 15 of my neighbors Highland cattle (steers) visiting on the east side of my fence, multi colored herd, so far they are staying out of my yard. Owner has been contacted and will be along by and by to gather them up.

Have misplaced my camera, had it with me when at knitting bee on Wednesday and haven't a clue where its wandered off to. Even checked the fridge just in case. So all I have right now is camera in my iPad. Will go over any place I might have been since getting home again.

Second Koigu Monster glove is nearly finished, ring finger today and with a hockey game on tonight might even get it done. Used a skein of solid red for the main color then lots of color changes before finger start. Have been dealing with the many ends as I go along so once glove is finished will just have finger bits to take care of. Once they are done will go back to the socks still on my needles, orangerinos and a pair with lots of blues, greens and purples.

Had enuff rain yesterday that the grass has really popped, imagine dandelions will be next.

Two new followers, welcome, glad to see people still are reading my blog.


  1. I admire all your monster socks. I would love to knit monster socks but am a nervous wreck changing yarn colors. There must be a way that I've yet to learn.


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