Whidbey and Desert Mesa

Two big (in my world) events two weekends in a row. First Whidbey Island spinning weekend in a way to crowded room, Diane and Terry N. came over from Ellensburg, missed having spinning bud Gail along with. Didn't buy anything while there, lots of looking tho. Drive down to Whidbey was perfect, saw green grass and lots of flowers, still freezing every night here.

Then the next weekend Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC, Thursday thru Sunday. Did buy a bit of fibre while there, 2 pkg. of pencil roving for Denise and 4 small (about 100 g) pkgs for me, one is nearly all spun. Found I had to ply while at DM (most hated part of job), used Mary-anne Smiths Louet S70 with much bigger bobbins, not my best work fer sure, yarn was way over spun so some kinky pigtails showing up. Had hoped to knit mittens and felt them but fibre (from Mary-anne) she says its likely super wash, so maybe fleece stuffed mitts instead.

Delivered the almost famous knee socks to Gudie and very unhappily discovered they were no where near high enuff to even come close to her knees. She liked them enuff to wear all the rest of the day and am ever so relieved for that.

Saturday night Gail, Dottie, and Karen provided blank sweater shaped sugar cookies and all the goodies to decorate into the ugliest sweaters cookies possible, some were outstanding.

Left Cache Creek after lunch on Sunday for 'the Willie' stayed up at Titford's, then Monday morning grocery shopping at SaveOn, how I fit the stuff I bought into the car remains a mystery. Headed west for the high country just after 12, picked up new unloader Dorian, he had car emptied in less than 20 minutes, took him home and came back to put all perishables away before taking a break. Still have a few things left to sort out, canned goods, shampoo, bar soap etc. Lots of produce, mixed organic salad greens, spinach, romaine, even head lettuce, salads until I run out again. Best part of grocery shopping IMO.


  1. I'm glad you had such a nice trip, but I'm so sad I missed connecting with you. Just this morning I was thinking "I wonder if Lynne will call." Next time for sure!

  2. Nice picture of you Lynne! The cookie activity looks like it was fun - great idea.


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