Knitting bee today in Tatla Lake, a day late because of a funeral service yesterday in the church. I picked up 6 loaves of bread on the way there and stuck them in church freezer and promptly forgot them when I left. They can wait in freezer until next KB I make it out for. Have 'Great Plains' bread from SaveOn in my freezer so OK with the other waiting.

Took the orangerino socks out to work on, another couple of inches done and ready for first decrease round next. For the first time in a really long time don't yet have anything else lined up, maybe some of the kidazzle from Little Knits, or Monstersocks for order from Colorado. Good thing I don't live close to Little Knits, seems as tho they have so much on sale that I'd buy if I was in the area.

Leftover chicken strips (with honey, soy sauce and garlic) along with another large salad. Even cut up 2 spears asparagus into the salad just as good raw IMO. Have often wondered if I would get tired of salad if I had a year round source, doubt it since there are so many ways of mixing same up, tonight had mixed organic greens, cilantro, cucumber, small pieces of cheese, tomato and the asparagus.

Biggest problem in front of me since getting home are the flickers pounding on various places on house, one stupid bird even has quite a large hole drilled on east side. Opening window and scaring it off prolly 25+ times a day. Then small red-napped sapsucker pounding on drain spout, enuff to wake me about first light. Way earlier that I like getting up.


  1. Well I for one never get tired of salads! We have some nearly every day. The flickers have been noisy here too. One was making a hole in my neighbour's house but I think it finally got discouraged. They also like to pound on the metal tops of the power poles. Very loud!

    Glad you made it to your favourite spin-ins and then home safe.


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