Spring ?????

A skiff of snow yesterday morning, and this morning -8°C (18°F), doesn't feel much like spring in the morning. Have furnace in wool room going and in main part of the house, even with the heat, still have on a lined flannel shirt.

Yesterday I went outside to scare flickers away from pounding on the house (they now have quite a big hole), every time they were back at it before I could even get back indoors. Only thing I can think of left is a BB gun or maybe even a pellet gun. Opening the window and hollering doesn't faze them anymore, only going out does the trick but that wears thin real quick.

Have ripped out the started ribbing for two socks, both times had at least 30 rows 2x2 ribbing done and every time I looked at them thought why, didn't much like the colors I had picked out, so to the frog pond. Instead will try different color combos out making socks for kidlets. Go ever so much faster and if'n colors don't work out will still keep little feet warm somewhere. Also thinking about more Koigu gloves, maybe starting out with a solid color before adding all the wild & crazies. Also the Susan B Anderson little dolls are calling my name.

Ate the last of my salad fixings last night, will miss that until I go back into town.


  1. We're are trying to be patient as we wait for Spring-like conditions too. Had snow again last night. Looking forward to seeing you at the WL Spin In.

  2. Hi Lynne, We have gotten two super soaker water guns to run off a neighbor's thoroughly nasty cat. The guns can shoot probably 20 feet. Not sure if something like that could work for you. We ordered them online for not much money.

  3. Hi Lynne-a friend of mine had similar issues with woodpeckers at the wood on her house. She got a large Owl (plastic)& had that put on the roof & no more problem. Not sure who you could get to help you do it-perhaps the young person who helps carry your groceries for you?

  4. Open a can of (veges of your choice) and nail the lid over the hole they made.


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