Sock Mojo

Mojo is back, started working on a pair of Monstersocks yesterday and so far really like what I am doing, dk. green followed by a big bunch of leftover blues, green variegated, purples and light greens. Have just got into first pattern used a blue from Hazel Knits followed by a var. LL's. Now if I could only get flickers to move on would be happier than hell.

Came within one mouse click yesterday of buying a bunch of Cascade Heritage sock yarns from eBay. Looked at colors and I know I have all of them in my stash, even tho they went for a really good price I didn't need them. Am going to try really hard to avoid eBay for sock yarns and even deleted a blurb from Little Knits on sale sock yarns, have enuff. So no new roving and no sock yarns for at least this summer and maybe even into the fall.

The whole south end of the valley is socked in and looking like something nasty this way comes. Can't see the big mountains and I know that they are still there. Thunderman and Lightfoot are in the forecast for today, the rain we need badly so hope we get lots.

Went to the clinic in Tatla yesterday for DR requested lab work, blood (lots) and had to pee in a tiny little cup, harder than it sounds. Results will go directly to DR and if anything unusual shows up will get letter to call and make an appointment. I will be in town on Friday May 2nd would be nice if that worked out. Williams Lakes annual spin in is on May 3rd and look forward to seeing people there that I only see once a year.


  1. Is that darn flicker still giving you grief? One would have thought he'd have given up by now! Hope your tests are all good so you can just go for spinning.


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