Two at a time

Not a snowballs chance in h***, often have 4 or 5 colors attached at once, just can't get my hands around two at a time, 8-10 colors all hanging at the same time, nah I don't think so. Besides am not in a race to get socks done thoroughly enjoy the process of my knitting time. This pair has different patterns on top and bottom of the foot, old fashioned salt & pepper on the bottom and fair isle sorta patterns on the top, keeps me on my tip toes remembering what goes where.

Much easier to have two completely different socks on the needles, this pair is using Regia wool-silk mix for the very light blue then back to the bag of odds for the patterns. At the point of time to decide if I want patterned foot or just the plain light blue.

And already have next pair in my head, will use an Opal denim blue with lots of other blues & greens, or so I am now thinking. Know that I am in the sock groove when I am designing patterns and colors to use before I drift off to sleep. Guess I have the sock knitting disease percolating all the time.

Weather continues towards spring (can one hope), some days we have sideways snow squalls then a bit of rain before more snow squalls. Today so far its overcast with sunny periods.


  1. All your socks are wonderful, the colors you put together.

  2. I can't decided which color combo I like best - both are excellent!


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