Wish all trades were as smooth and easy as the latest trade, the Olly Koigu gloves for 4 skeins of Koigu. The gloves went to Gail G in Ontario.

Finished the first sock in light blue Regia silk mix, so now have one each of current 2 pair finished. Seconds are underway, ribbing and first pattern done on Orangerinos and just ribbing done on second lt blue. Will be taking both second socks with me on upcoming road trip.

Have clothes all clean and ready to pack, but won't do that until Monday giving me lots of time to change my mind. Usually end up taking more knitting than clothes, can always do laundry along the road but horrors to run out of knitting, can't let that happen.

Welcome to all my blog readers from far away places, Australia, Estonia, Brazil, UK (thanks Jean Miles), Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Norway and more, enjoy seeing every morning where the readers come from.


  1. Those gloves are definitely works of art! Gorgeous.


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