Homemade salsa

Chunky salsa, 1 1/2 ripe tomatoes, smallish chunk of sweet onion, lots of cilantro and about a T lime juice. Not yet sure what I will have it with tonight, maybe taco's or just in another big salad. Haven't made any salsa since I last had real tomatoes, maybe September of last year. And prolly its not a real salsa since I don't always have necessary ingredients, no jalapenos or such. But it sure tastes fresh and no added chemicals.

Ended up making 10 Bearly's, have faces embroidered on, half have scarves and will work on remaining yet today. Some of the yarn I chose was a big bulky for the small needles and ended up with sore fingers and hands, especially on finger that had nail lifted. Looks like nail won't be coming off, still a bit sore to know for sure.

Big melt continues, about 75% of yard is bare and snow remains in sheltered places. Next will be welcomed mud, hoping my driveway thaws so that I can use it for Wednesday, has been wet ice and not smart or safe to try. 46° F right now so ice may be getting soft.


  1. Is there a pattern for the Bearlys?


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