Finally got into town

After 3 months a visit to town was way overdue. Went in mid morning on Wednesday, got all my errands over with by just after 4pm and headed up to friends for the evening and to overnight. Then Thursday I did the grocery store, over half my buggy was produce, needless to say I had been out of everything. Bought every kind of lettuce SaveOn had, peppers, 2 bunches celery, carrots, green onions, cabbage and so on. Had a huge salad first night and again last night but added a piece of squash Deni had given me, will do the same tonight. Best part of the whole trip tho was a much needed haircut. Took a bunch of stuff in for Deni, a duplicate book, spinning fiber, felted slippers for her 4 grand daughters, sci fi books for her hub. Back in Tatlako valley 4 ish Thursday picked up Lucas (grocery unloader) Then before taking him home went up to the dump, had him (with $20) home before 5pm.

First 3 Bearly's are almost done, all that remains is to embroider the faces and make each a multi colored scarf. Will I am thinking continue making more of them, just so darned handy for give aways. Had to refresh the fingers after not making any for such a long time, but one quick look at pattern and everything was OK. Also have a pair of socks on the needles, pix next time.


  1. Those bears are wonderful! There are two great grandchildren on the way here. Would love to make bears for them. Is there a bear pattern somewhere?
    Kay Mc


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