Finished the second pair of Olly gloves Saturday evening 8:20 pm just ahead of cutoff on Sunday at end of the closing ceremonies. Relief. I traded them to a gal in Ontario for 4 skeins of Koigu.

Giving gloves a timeout for awhile and will instead go to knitting Bearlys out of leftover handspun yarns, its prolly been 2-3 or more years since I made one and had to take a look at pattern to just be sure fingers knew what to do, one quick look and everything clicked. I've prolly made several hundred over the years so it was just a case of remembering. Pix of Bearlys taken on my loveseat and it was so long ago that I was still using the old Sony Mavica digital camera, long time ago. Latest Bearly ready to be stuffed then the head added, used a 2.5 mm set of DP's would have been better if I would have had the next size up in DP's. Will pick up the needed sizes when I go down to Whidbey in early April.

Have decided to head into town Wednesday after knitting bee (30 minutes closer to town), then first thing I will do once in is get a much needed haircut, don't think I have had one since October. Just talked to Deni and everything is OK with her. Have 2 large bags of stuff to take it, including the newest pj bottoms hoping a run thru in her hot dryer will shrink them a bit. So all and all will be a busy week. But will be worth it to have produce, fruit and groceries again.


  1. What a colorful assortment of bearlies - they're great! I love the one you gave me a few years back.

  2. Those gloves are To Dye For! They are gorgeous, Lynne. And your Bearlys are terminally cute. Bet your new ones will have very interesting scarves.


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