Pre Olly gloves

Wanted fingers to remember what to do before starting Olly gloves during opening ceremonies tomorrow. Black Cascade Heritage is the main color and 3 different reds and 3 of the purples.

Just checked TV schedule for the opening ceremonies and I can get them at 7 am on CBC, NBC doesn't start coverage until 4 pm, guess where I'll be watching. Thinking Canadian coverage is going to be way better than NBC showing just the highlights every evening.

Have had another arctic outflow the last several days with -31°C the low on Wednesday night, that is 24° F below zero, Punzi Mountain just 60 road miles north and east had it get down to -40° that's the same as F. Added my heavy wool blanket over top of comforter, made it much more comfortable for sleeping.

Had a bull moose run thru the yard south of the house, much to fast to get to camera. First time for a moose of any kind in the yard in at least 10 years.


  1. We started watching CBC yesterday at 7am, watched snowboard, figure skating and moguls, then got up this morning to the opening ceremony at 8am (it really would have helped to read War and Peace first). Love Canadian coverage and feel as though the announcers are old friends. Carol


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