Gloves again or still

Have been entertaining the thought of seeing if anyone would like to trade skeins of Koigu for a pair of gloves knit from my stash. With the price of Koigu around $13 should think 4 skeins would be about right. Likely could only handle maybe 2 trades since it take a bit of time to knit a pair. First glove of current pair maybe 1/3 of the way. Using variegated reds for main color then odds & sods as needed. Hope to have pair finished by the end of the Olly's.

Plan for the pot of chili put on hold, would rather make salmon patties instead, easier on the insides.

Sideways snow earlier, what went by here could easily have landed in downtown Tatla Lake 20 miles away. Has now stopped for this minute but looks like more any minute now. Mountains and southern end of the valley all socked in with what looks like more white stuff.


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