Winter dropped

Big change since yesterday, from bare ground to a world of white. -12°C (10°F) and still snowing, yesterday it barely got below freezing temps (30°) and for the most part of the day was much warmer. Temps really aren't to bad its the north wind that keeps the house feeling chilly. So very lucky that Sam (electrician) came by yesterday and got the propane stove in wool room working again. Dressing in layers, starting with a silk undershirt, long sleeved turtle neck and then a lite weight cotton sweater, plus of course wool socks, keeping me quite comfortable.

As usual on Sunday watched some football on the tube and knit on (and finished) the pair of handspun socks I had been working on, its my favorite BFL-Silk mix. Should keep the feet warm of the person that will be getting them. Last week in town I finished socks for Nolund, will get them mailed as soon as I can.

Now back working on knee socks for Gudie, thinking I can finally see progress. And have gathered leftovers for the next pair of Monstersocks.

Will soon get started on the next batch of soup turkey noodle with lots of celery, and carrots. I am so very glad I got into town last Monday, if'n I had woke up to this kind of weather then would surely have stayed home, glad to have the veggies to add to my soup for some reason soup without carrots and celery just doesn't cut it.


  1. Beautiful socks! I am always so amazed at the way you live so far from town. I have to admit your blog is one that I read every day. Merry Christmas!


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