soup or stew

Time to decide on one or the other, meat off the bones, carrots and celery in the broth, will add the leftover gravy as soon as I decide. If I do the stew route will add dumplings (homemade), with the soup just noodles. Either will be most welcome during this cold snap we are having, -21° C (-6°F) with colder temps predicted for the rest of the week.

So very glad Sam was able to get the propane stove in wool room working again, would not have been able to do anything out here without it working. Sunshine sure helps and today's sky is clear blue. Nice.

Finally went with the noodles instead of the dumplings, just wasn't hungry enuff for the heavier meal. Had almost more carrots and celery than turkey.


  1. Brrrr and I think it's cold here when it gets in the 20s(f). Stay warm and enjoy your meal. I always enjoy reading your blog posts.


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