Socks well rec'd

Mailed socks to Nolund and hoped they would fit, they did and I think he liked them. Started them shortly after doing the 3 pair for 2 year old Maela, and then they kind of got shuffled into a long time out, while I was on the finishing kick awhile back dug them out and finished.

Then got started on a pair of handspun fingerless gloves and socks for KJ in Sask, they also fit and were worn when it was in the -30's in Sask. Owed the socks from a long time ago when K delivered my entertainment center and installed same. Never forgot just didn't want to knit so much plain (very little color) socks.

Weather in here continues to be what I call wonky, south wind and warm temps, mid to upper 40's, most usual. Not totally unheard of but nevertheless I sure don't like it.

Still working on the knee socks and the pair for the Monstersock KAL on Ravelry. Nice having leftover turkey for sandwich for lunch them reheated for supper.


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