Milder (sorta)

Coldest I recorded in latest arctic outflow conditions was -33°C or 28° below zero F. Has moderated a bit now just a few degrees below zero F, much easier to take. Even wore silk long handles under my pj's the coldest couple of nights, of course its my own fault for not letting any heat into my bedroom, like it cold to sleep under big down comforter.

Still only the two projects on my needles the knee socks for Gudie are at the heel and the pair utilizing the blue & green leftovers from 2013 projects. Monstersock list on Ravelry has a leftover KAL, I don't usually get in on stuff like that but had enuff of the colors I thought I'd give it a shot. So far socks are coming out better than I thought they would.

Chicken vegetable soup yesterday, cabbage, carrots, celery, potato and leftover fresh spinach, liked it well enuff to do again but likely without the fresh spinach (its all gone now). Not looking like I’ll be going to town anytime soon, driving the 3 hours in is just to taxing when the roads are snowy & icy.

Have a new follower on my blog, welcome. Sure wish Feedjit would let me subscribe to more information items, would love to know where and who followers are.


  1. It only got down to -10 here at Cultus Lake (not counting the wind chill). I don't envy you -33! I used to live in Fort St. John, so know how bitter cold, not to mention dangerous, those kinds of temperatures can be.


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