Merry Christmas

Just got turkey breast from freezer into fridge to slowly thaw, almost 8 pounds guarantees I'll be eating turkey for awhile. This time tho I will freeze some before I get to tired of it. The ones I am getting now come with all the ribs etc attached, once its cooked will use big kitchen shears to cut that part off for the soup, will likely do the soup about 3 days after cooking the breast. Still have lots of celery, carrots and noodles for the soup.

Knee sock progress continues, well down the foot and can actually start thinking about it being finished. With many football bowl games and the World Junior hockey games on the tube starting Boxing day I'll have lots of knitting time. Almost think I like the Junior hockey as much as I do football.

One of my Christmas special treats is to open a jar of deluxe mixed nuts, will no doubt last me for a couple of months, then get to open another on my birthday. Hopefully by mid March I will have been into town and big grocery stores, another treat is fresh produce and fruit.


  1. Merry Christmas, Lynne! Enjoy your turkey, and the soup that will follow. We have abandoned turkey this year due to a freezer full of lamb, beef and pork I bought this fall. It seemed silly to go out and buy a turkey when I have all that meat waiting to be cooked. I'll miss the wonderful smell of it roasting in the oven on Christmas day. :-)

    1. I also have a half lamb in freezer, but no beef (only buy a little ground from organic shop at Redstone), just a small amt pork. Mostly eat poultry, and lots of home canned fish (river behind the house).


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