Just spent about 30 minutes looking for my well used and loved sock chart, showing me all the various sizes, number of stitches to be used for turning heel etc. Turns out it had slipped in behind some stuff I never look at and was well disguised, was verra glad to have found it because sock for Gudie has more stitches on the heel than I normally use so wanted to verify the count (more of a security blanket than anything else). Much easier to do it right the first time than guessing and maybe having to rip it out to change the numbers.

The pix are from the Ravelry Monstersock KAL, utilizing all my leftover blues & greens from various socks knit in 2013. Have started on #2 but am going to set it aside for a few while I work on the knee socks.

A week ago weather in here was in an arctic blast, 28° below zero and today its well into the 40's F, 95% of the snow is gone and on my driveway where the tracks were it now ice. Think I'll stay off it until we either get more snow or it melts and goes away.....

Made a new England boiled supper last night, corned beef brisket then local cabbage, carrots and potatoes, food fit for the Gods, and enuff leftover for another meal or two.


  1. Ruth in Ontario, CanadaDecember 16, 2013 at 11:53 AM

    I am blown away by those socks, with the lovely little hits of lime - beautiful! You have a great eye for colour!

  2. I agree! And everything always looks wonderful in a Maggie bag.


    1. Would you share your sock chart?

    2. No printed sock chart, just make it up as I go along, and why most times the patterns are fraternal.


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