Knee sock progress

One more gusset decrease to do, then clear sailing down to the toe. To fit the person that they are for, and her unusual shaped heel I went with 68 stitches, 34 on heel and 34 on top of foot, BUT when last decrease is done for gusset will do one more on bottom then will decrease one st each side of top of the foot, down to usual 64 sts, hoping this all works out according to plans. Can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. And since I kept detailed notes on what I did on #1, second sock should be much easier (I hope).

Cooked a turkey breast for American Thanksgiving thought I would be turkeyed out but thinking I may do another for Christmas, the one I have in the freezer is bigger than I normally do so will again be eating turkey for at least a week+ then the best part IMHO turkey noodle soup. That I can eat every night.

Yard is pretty well snow free, several nights with above freezing temps and strong Chinook winds did a thorough job. May even be a snow less Christmas one of very few since I've lived in BC (37 years now).


  1. This kind of socks are very good for winter. I love to ware it but my favorite sock is Polka Dot Sock.

  2. You knit wonderful, colourful, pretty, warm, gorgeous socks. I looked at your Ravelry project. Fantastic.


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