Cold snap lingers

Cold again this morning -27°C and that is -16.6°F (below zero), cold either way. One more meal of the turkey noodle soup then will have to come up with something else, maybe a cabbage based vegetable soup.

Working on two projects (before I went on UFO kick) I had 6, so pleased to have only the two, both of course socks. Knee socks for Gudie are withing an inch or so of starting the heel, this is the one and only pair of knee socks I am planning on doing, just seems to be taking forever to see any progress.

Then the Monstersock lists KAL (knit along), gathered up leftovers from various socks this year and came up with a mostly blue based sock, have enuff to maybe change colors around a bit. First pix are all the leftovers, 2nd is the sock at current stage and 3rd is sock and the 3 colors now attached in project bag from Maggie Alexander.

Trying to not think of anything new until at least one of currents are done.


  1. where might one find that project bag? i googled but came up with all sorts but none knitting. TIA

    1. aka Maggie Alexander, also makes the most wonderful large tote bags I've ever run across.


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