Up way to early

Coyotes singing just after 5 am, sounded like they were to the south and moving, maybe chasing something. Like hearing them but wish they could have waited another couple of hours. So will finish this and then watch the shenanigans from Toronto on the telly and knit on current sock, maybe 1/3 of the way down the leg now. Using up the small balls I had stashed and before long will have to break into a new ball to finish.

Snowed mostly all day yesterday but really didn't amount to much, porch easily swept off with just a broom. Sky now is looking like more snow again any minute. Temp is at -11°C (13°F) so certainly cold enuff.

Found another UFO socks I had started for Nolund, most of heel flap on first sock knit, won't take much to finish them, so knee socks are still in time out while I finish stuff.

Never talked to anyone yesterday only phone call was a telemarketer, after my Hello then silence I just hung up. Even having my name on do not call list hasn't slowed down unwanted calls. Oh well could be worse things going on.


  1. So glad to hear I am not the only one who hangs up on telemarketers when I get that bit of silence after answering the phone. Sometimes my husband calls me from work on his speakerphone and I've had to warn him to talk fast or I'll assume he's trying to sell me replacement windows.

    Your soup reports have got me in the mood to break out the soup reports.


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