UN Finished objects. Today is the day that all I will be working on are UFO's, seems like that this happened before I was really aware at how many I had.

First pix is socks that got into project bag after Desert Mesa and once out of sight, then pix of Gudie's knee socks (current project) then a pair of socks (about 2 yr old size) finished this morning. Also have a couple of Christmas goodies on needles that I won't put pix up just yet, both are handspun BFL-silk mix. So have enuff to work on to keep me happy at how lucky I am to still be able to work on such nice colorful projects.

My neighbors boys (bulls) and girls are still hanging around, so far they are staying on the outside of my fence. Highland cattle in various shades. Kind of nice to see as long as they respect my fence.

Remembrance Day in Canada, a day to celebrate all that the armed forces do for us. All my brothers served in the US military.


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