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Cold enuff yesterday that thoughts of soup were in my head like a new sock pattern. So chicken with rice on the menu, lots of carrots and more of the dehydrated celery from SK. Had it for supper yesterday and was a most excellent batch.

Another UFO finished, gray Cascade Heritage sock yarn with lots of little ball of Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn. Now well down the foot of Nolund's almost camo sock, first one but they are small enuff that should finish either tomorrow (lots of football games on the tube) or Sunday with more football. After Nolund's sock are done have a pr of handspun to do as well as working on the w&c knee socks. So no lack of things to do, keeps me off the streets at night out of pool halls and beer parlors. LOL


  1. You are doing great on those UFO's!

  2. I see from your new blog header that winter has arrived where you live. It is very cold here at Cultus Lake too. Not cold by your standards, but it is a damp cold which makes it go right through your bones. Love the socks!

  3. I love the socks! Finally figured out how to get here from my kindle....well at least I found it today...who knows about tomorrow.


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