Knitting Bee yesterday in glorious (snort) downtown Tatla Lake, finished another UFO, Christmas gift so can't report or post a pix, sock in last blog pix nearly down to the heel. Once its finished will get back to knee sock (also getting close to the heel). Stopped on the way home and picked up my lamb, cut, wrapped and frozen, have a shoulder roast out for tonight's supper. Believe from the feel of the roast its been de boned. Haven't had any lamb in prolly 15 years so am really looking forward to this.

Yesterday was so unseasonably warm that a jacket was barely needed 53°F. 90% of remaining snow melted, just have to remind myself not to get complacent, supposed to be down near 10° F over the weekend and then to just make it interesting rain in forecast for early next week. Already have my ice cleats on my boots just in case.

Neighbor has finally gathered up the cows that were visiting, but I'd bet the ranch that they will bust out again. Seems as tho grass on the other side of the fence etc. Some of the bulls have horns like a Texas longhorn so if they want to move a fence its right easy to happen.


  1. We are having the nice weather then cold on the weekend...just hate the rain word in the always means ice underfoot...too scary!! Happy knitting!! I have one more Christmas market I am knitting for then I can think about Christmas and how much knitting I can do....or want to do as gifts...last year knit myself out for Christmas....might take a knitting break this year...we will see.


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