Slowly getting ready

A couple of days later than I should be in getting ready for upcoming OFFF trip. Laundry being the number one issue, have a load in washer now and will do at least two more yet today, about half can be put on folding rack to dry the rest can be hung up on hangers. The rack under the ceiling fan and even the heaviest towels will be dry by morning, then a couple more loads and I should be far enuff along that stuff like sheets can wait until I get home.

Emptied one bobbin (just had a verra small amount of yellow on it), have two full bobbins of BFL-Silk mix that I will ply either today or tomorrow, that will give me 3 empty bobbins and the one on the spinning wheel with what I am currently spinning , not much on it.

Have two piles of stuff started one for OFFF and one for Desert Mesa, and right away when I think of something go directly to taking care of whatever it was, latest was lazy kate for the Schacht wheel. DM at least if fairly close 5 hours instead of 15 plus down to Canby, OR for OFFF.

If all goes according to plans will stop on the way home in Spences Bridge and pick up a 20 lb box of tomatoes for me and another 20 lb for various other people to share. Will make sure I have room in the car. Even if I have to leave stuff at Gail's for her to maybe bring with to DM.


  1. Just catching up on blog are probably away by now on your trip, have a great time...sounds like fun. Waiting to hear of your adventures......


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