Knitting Bee

KB tomorrow and we are supposed to have an a long time gone KB'er visiting, so made Oriental Ramen Broccoli Slaw to take with, didn't have quite enuff sugar or the toasted slivered almonds. Hope it works out if not I'll be eating on it for the next two weeks.

Knee socks under way 30 rows of 2x2 ribbing on 92 stitches (seems like that took forever) then into color patterning, sure looks like its going to be big, may put a lifeline in just above ribbing and rip out what I've done so far. Will take with me to knitting bee tomorrow to see what other sock knitting ladies think. The gloves I finished (3 gloves to get a good pair) are for the same gal as knee socks, somewhat of a flamboyant (aka Lucy Neatby in hiding) person. Thus goes my life, knit, rip and start over. As ye knit so shall ye rip..

OFFF trip will be interesting, another body in car with wheel etc, plus Gails & my Louet S 90's and a Schacht that I am taking down to either sell or let Connie use, will make for cozy traveling conditions, Gail has promised she will make everything fit. Might be a bit better coming home with Schacht staying in OR. I for one am not planning on buying much several sets of DP Hiya Hiya needles and 2 16 circs in 2.25 mm. With my luck someone will have a Lendrum LE for sale and I won't have room to get it in the car, if that should happen would send it home to a friends place in OR and pick it up at a later date. Will I think be an interesting trip and one I am really looking forward to..... Karen the new gal is a load of laffs and will keep us entertained on drive down. I have a small list of things to pick up at Fred Meyers, all things I can't find here in BC, list has been drastically reduced so am hoping Gail can squeeze everything in.

I have heat turned on, 31° at 7 am, frost on car. It is supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow morning prolly 32°. Daytime highs tho are more summer like than I am comfortable with low 80's and by the end of the day I feel like going down to river for a quick dunk. But that isn't smart this time of year still to many of the big furry critters around. So a cool down shower is in order. But at least with the early morning frosts the big ugly night flying bugs seem to have been banished.


  1. That looks yummy. Hope it worked out flavorwise.


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