After making 3 gloves to get a pair can now say I am finished. First glove had way to much patterning in fingers and thus were tight enuff to be hard to get on. Might be a teen might be able to get fingers in comfortably, maybe, but that would mean making another one, so will instead offer to GH as a spare. Meanwhile back at the ranch got started on the knee socks, will be a major project. When making socks I cast on 72 stitches, with the knee socks have cast on 92 stitches on 2.25 mm needles, and done 30 rows of 2x2 ribbing, so far so good. Now about 20 rows down into color stuff on the leg, at 24 rows will decrease 4 sts and then again every 20 or 24 rows 4 more until I am down to 72 sts. One nice thing if'n they are to big can always wear them myself.

Small gnats are a real bother this year, they somehow get in on living room window and then buzz me after dark, how they get in is perplexing since I don't have any windows open. Will be happy to see a hard freeze just to get rid of night flying bugs. And that can happen now anytime.

Starting to get stuff gathered for OFFF coming up the 3rd weekend of Sept in Canby, OR, this year will be interesting with 3 peoples, 3 spinning wheels, 3 chairs, plus 3 small suitcases and 3 of other things, like fiber to spin, knitting, puters etc. Gail has promised to repack car going and coming home so everything fits.


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