After OFFF

The wettest OFFF ever, poured both Saturday and Sunday. And wind like the tail end of a typhoon (which it was), felt sorry for the outdoor vendors with their white pop ups, wind played havoc with them, they were even allowed to start shutting down early because of safety concerns. I didn't even venture out of the Main Pavilion where we were fortunate enuff to have our spinning area. And Gail even got everything in the car for the start north towards BC. Will hit the road in the next hour or so for the border and BC. If all goes according to plans will make one more stop at Freddies in Bell-ham for a few groceries for me then north.


  1. Too bad about the weather, it is crazy all over the place...hope you have a good trip home...we are having bad winds here at the moment so hope you do not have to travel in bad weather, take care.


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